7IMDC Mobile app


September 18 (Sun) - 23 (Fri), 2022

Busan, Korea

Guidelines for the 7IMDC App

We are excited to provide guidance for the app for the 7th International Marine Debris Conference (7IMDC), powered by Guidebook and synced with the information already in the ExOrdo Platform, which is expected to be available sometime in early September. With this resource, you will have access to the most up-to-date information for the conference as well as networking tools. The app will be critical to your participation in the conference and every participant will need it.

The app is powerful, and can show the agenda and presentations, allow creation of personalized schedules for attendees, enhance networking, link maps of the venue, provide registration for special events, and more.

All registered attendees will receive an email invite from invitations@guidebook.com to download the 7IMDC app. The app is not available unless you are registered.

1. Downloading and Setting Up the 7IMDC Guidebook App

A. Download the App

The first step is to download the app to your smart device. Registrants will receive an invitation email from invitations@guidebook.com containing login credentials and instructions.

Prefer the web version? Some content and networking tools are available online too, like accessing your personalized schedule and viewing posters, but the app has more functionalities than the website and can be slightly more user-friendly – we therefore recommend using the app rather than the website.

For any questions, please contact info@7imdc.org

B. Set up Your Profile

First, set up your profile. If you choose to connect with other attendees, your contact information will be available to them. Make changes to your profile and security settings at any time by clicking on the app Image1 icon in the top left corner of the app.

C. Explore the Tabs

There are a number of tabs on the left-hand side you can make use of. First click on the three lines (≡) in the upper left corner of the app to display the list of tabs. A summary of the tab content and important instructions are provided below.

2. Core Content Tabs

The first tabs deal primarily with the core content of the conference, namely the technical sessions, posters and abstract authors. Customizing your personal schedule will ensure you make it to the sessions and posters you’re most interested in.

1) Welcome

The landing page is the Welcome screen, with some basic information and a clickable map.

2) Schedule of Events

Find the entire Conference Schedule, including everything from coffee breaks to technical sessions to plenaries. Click on the plus sign (+) to add a particular event to your personalized calendar (aka “My Schedule”).

Click on a technical session for a short description and long description. Scroll to the bottom for a list of the presentations in the technical session.

Click on an individual presentation to read the abstract and see the name of the author. Click on the name of the presenter for a short bio. If presenters have chosen to share their presentation, it will be found here.

3) My Schedule

When exploring the schedule, you will see plus sign symbols next to technical session and presentation titles when viewing a schedule overview. Tap on the plus sign (+) to add a session or presentation to your “My Schedule”. If you tap on a session or presentation to learn more about it, you will have the option there to Add to my schedule at the bottom of the screen.

app Image1

Some events are also open to all attendees and do not have a capacity limit. You will be able to Add to my schedule as well.

The app will alert you if you try to schedule two events at the same time on your calendar (e.g. if you add two presentations within the same technical session). It will then allow you to schedule two events at the same time if you choose to.

4) Tracks and Sessions

All of the technical sessions and presentations can be viewed chronologically in the Schedule of Events tab, but if you’d rather see them sorted by thematic Track you can use this tab.

5) Posters

All of the posters can be accessed through the Poster Night event tab in the Schedule of Events tab, but if you’d rather see them sorted by thematic Track you can use this tab. If poster presenters have uploaded a poster and chosen to share it, it will be found here.

6) List of Presenters

This tab is helpful if you just want the entire list of presenting authors at the conference (for both presentations and posters). The list is searchable using the search box at the top of the screen, and when you find who you’re looking for you can see a list of all the presentations they are a part of.

3. Side Event & Registration Tabs

The side event tabs are where you can view and register for side events.

1) Networking and Social Activities

This tab lists the official networking and social activities available during the conference (also accessible through the Schedule of Events tab).

Networking and Social Activities with Open Access

When you click on an event with unlimited capacity, you have the option of adding the event to your personalized “My Schedule”. Click “Add now” at the bottom of the screen, and it will add the event to your calendar.

app Image1

Networking and Social Activities with Limited Capacity

When you click on an event with limited capacity, you must register in order to add the event to your personalized “My Schedule”. Click “Register now” at the bottom of the screen, and it will add the event to your calendar. Your unique app QR code will serve as your ticket to the event you’ve registered for. Some registered events may not become open for registration until a later date, which will be indicated in the app.

app Image1

Some events may be open to all attendees, some may be open to all attendees but have a limited capacity, and some may be closed events. You can identify what type of event it is by the color of the icon:

app Image1 Green icons indicate the event is open to all, with no capacity limitations.

app Image1 Blue icons indicate the event is open but has limited capacity. Registration is “first come, first served” and must be done by adding the event to your “My Schedule”. If you sign up but then decide not to attend, please unregister for the event so that someone else can register and attend.

app Image1 Red icons indicate the event is closed and available to pre-invited attendees only.

Important: For events with capacity limitations, such as Luncheons, Field Trips, or Social Events, adding an event to your “My Schedule” will register you for that event. This registration will be on a “first come, first served” basis therefore register early to secure your first choice.

The app will alert you if you try to schedule two events at the same time on your calendar. It will then allow you to override the warning and maintain the two events at the same time, if you choose to. For events with capacity limitations, please only register for one event at any given time otherwise you will be blocking seats for other participants. Participants who add more than one simultaneous capacity-limited event to their calendar may be removed from all of their choices and need to register again.

2) Field Trips

Field trips are scheduled to occur on Wednesday afternoon, September 21st. There are several different field trip itineraries (Learning trips A-1 through A-7, Tourism trips B-1 and B-2, and ECO trips C-1 and C-2, see the 7IMDC website for details). Each field trip has an individual limited capacity – but overall there is plenty of space for each attendee to go on a field trip of their choosing. Given that they are simultaneous, please add only one field trip to your “My Calendar” otherwise you will be blocking other participants from registering in the events you don’t ultimately attend. Participants who add more than one field trip to their calendar may be removed from all of their choices and need to register again.

The field trip you sign up for will indicate which room to meet in. Meet at the designated room with your badge to get your badge scanned and confirm you are registered for that field trip, then go with your group to get on the properly labeled bus. After the field trips we will all come back together to celebrate Busan Night, which will take place on the PanStar cruise ship. For those that choose not to join Busan Night, transportation will be provided back to BEXCO.

For those that would like to attend Busan Night on the PanStar cruise ship, but who do not wish to participate in a field trip, please note that you must secure your own transportation to the cruise terminal before the boat leaves at 6:00 pm.

4. Sponsor and Exhibitor Tabs

1) Our Sponsors

Many thanks to our sponsors! Check out this tab for a list of our sponsors and a link to their websites.

2) Exhibitors

We have many exhibitions booths at the 7IMDC, located on the third floor in the Glass Hall, across from the main plenary room. The app has a list of the exhibitors and their booth numbers, plus a summary of who they are and a link to their website.

5. Social Networking Tabs

The opportunity to network is one of the reasons we attend conferences. The social networking tabs allow you to follow up with the person you meet at lunch, or reach out to a presenter with questions.

1) Connect & Chat

This feature is in many ways like a very small social networking app for the 7IMDC only. After logging in, your profile is viewable by other conference attendees and you can go to the Connect list to reach out to other participants. You can change your profile from public to private in the Account Settings, but to connect with other users your profile must be public.

You can connect with other participants by tapping on the “Add” button to the right of their name, or by selecting their profile and tapping “Connect with...” at the bottom of that page. They will get a notification to let them know that they have a connection request, which they can accept or decline. Once the connection request has been accepted, the user will show in the “Connections” section of your profile and via the Connections tab in the Connect feature. If you tap on one of your connections, you will see their profile and be able to chat in the app.

When you tap the three lines (≡) to open the navigation menu, at the bottom you will see your profile photo, your full name, and a QR code. Tap the QR code to view your Guidebook ID. To connect with other attendees using your Guidebook ID, have one of you scan the other's code.

2) Twitter

Though the 7IMDC doesn’t have its own Twitter account, this tab will display tweets with the #7IMDC hashtag posted during the conference. Use the hashtag and you may be featured!

6. Functional Tabs

The app has multiple tabs that will help you navigate the conference and get the most out of your experience. Take some time to become familiar with these tools.

1) Maps

This section has several maps, including a separate map of each floor of the conference center showing where the conference rooms, posters, exhibition hall etc. are located.

2) Notifications

The 7IMDC team may post notifications here if we have information to communicate to you during the conference. In case of urgent or important information, we may send a push notification to your phone.

3) Notes

The option to create a Note will show on all sessions and custom list items (via the note symbol) or you can create one by tapping “create note” from the Notes feature in the menu. If a note is created in a session, when viewing your Notes in the Notes feature the first line will show the name of the session where the note was created.

All notes are stored locally on the user's device. You can tap on a note to edit it or delete it by swiping right over the note in the Notes feature. You can also export or share your notes via this icon app Image1 on Apple devices or this icon app Image1 on Android devices. It is possible to export/share all notes from the Notes menu item screen at the top right. To be able to export/share notes, sharing must be enabled in your guide under Guide Details > Privacy.

4) 7IMDC Website

While we hope everything you need will be available in the app, there may be some information on the website you’re looking for that will now be right at your fingertips in the app.

5) Zero Waste

7IMDC seeks to uphold the zero waste principle of reducing the volume and toxicity of waste and materials, conserving and recovering all resources. Visit this tab for more information on how we’re making that happen and how you can help.

6) QR Scanner

Use the QR scanner in-app to scan QR codes provided by presenters or shown on posters. Links to websites will pop up in a separate tab.

7) Unique QR Code

Each attendee will have a unique identifying QR code in the app. First click on the three lines (≡) , then click on the small QR icon adjacent to your name to bring up your unique QR code. Any other conference participant can scan your QR code to connect with you directly, in the App.

7. Using the Guidebook 7IMDC App Website

Although we anticipate that most attendees will find the 7IMDC app to be the best and easiest way to access content related to the conference, there is an option for registered attendees to access some of the content on the web at https://guidebook.com/g/7imdc/ (this link won’t be live until the app is live). Please note that the website is not as fully functional as the app, and for some things (like Connect & Chat) the user experience will be much better on the app.

The web page will have the same 7IMDC App description, location, and dates. It will also show the Schedule of Events and My Schedule, and allow you to view posters and presentations uploaded by presenting authors (if they choose to make them available).

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