September 18 (Sun) - 23 (Fri), 2022

Busan, Korea

COVID-19 Management

The organization of 7IMDC will remain closely apprised of the public health situation in Busan, in the Republic of Korea, and in the world, and will take all applicable precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The conference is currently planned to take place in person in Busan, with expanded opportunities for online and remote engagement. Should this need to change due to the evolution of the public health situation, participants will be informed at the earliest possible opportunity.

COVID-19 Policies of Korea


Outdoor mask mandate adjusted starting May 2

People will still be required to wear masks when attending outdoor gatherings, concerts, or sporting events with 50 or more people. Other than these situations, wearing a mask in outdoor spaces will not be required, and therefore, individuals may choose to wear a mask or not based on personal preference.

The government explained that the easing of the outdoor mask mandate seeks to limit the places or circumstances where fines are imposed, rather than completely remove the rule, and that the voluntary mask-wearing of individuals is still needed.

The government urged citizens to wear masks outdoors if they have symptoms of COVID-19, belong to high-risk groups, use outdoor public-use facilities, or attend events with more than 50 people, or when they are in crowded settings where physical distancing cannot be maintained or saliva droplets can be easily produced.

In addition, the government stressed that the choice of individuals to wear masks outdoors should be respected, and therefore, each citizen should decide whether or not to wear a mask depending on the situation. In addition, the indoor mask-wearing mandate remains in place without change.

The government underscored the importance of wearing masks indoors and the necessity of strict compliance with the rule to avoid a high risk of infection, regardless of the easing of the outdoor mask-wearing requirements. The government also asked citizens to use outdoor spaces rather than enclosed indoor spaces, if possible, for exercise or gatherings.

Social Distancing Guidelines during Your Travels

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 and for travelers’ safety, Korea has implemented social distancing guidelines.
The following guidelines must be kept while traveling in Korea.

Using public transportation

Wear a mask at all times when using public transportation, including buses, subways, trains, and taxis.

In restaurants and cafés

Must wear a mask when not consuming foods or drinks. Outdoor seats do not require masks, however it is advised to wear a mask if keeping a one-meter distance from other people is not possible.

At tourist attractions

Wear a mask indoors at all times; wear a mask outdoors if keeping a one-meter distance from other people is not possible.
Comply with temperature check and hand sanitizing procedures.

Using accommodations

Must wear a mask in public area outside of separate rooms.
As of December 10, 2020, short-term tourists must declare their accommodation in Korea. Show your passport or proof of travel during check-in and the manager will make the declaration.

If you have symptoms during your trip

If you suspect to have COVID-19 symptoms such as fever, coughing, and others, call 1339 for inquiries or take a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) by using a self-test kit or visiting a nearby medical clinic.
Travelers can also call 1330 Korea Travel Hotline for inquiries.

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