September 18 (Sun) - 23 (Fri), 2022

Busan, Korea

Networking and Social Activities

There will be many networking opportunities at the 7IMDC. All participants will have access to the 7IMDC app, and will be able to easily communicate with other attendees through the app on their smart device. In addition, there will be several networking functions at the conference for those who attend in person, including an opening night reception on Monday night, Busan Night on Wednesday night, and multiple luncheons. Registered attendees should refer to the app for attendance and ticketing instructions after the app goes live on or near 1 September, 2022.

Message From the Ocean - Environmental Exhibition

With the support from KT&G, OSEAN, KOEM, a special exhibition on marine debris will be held simultaneously with 7IMDC. Under the theme of ‘Drawing the future of the ocean’, a team of Korean artists will exhibit paintings, sculptures, videos, and art installations to raise public awareness on marine debris and plastic pollution. Marine debris collected from the ocean will be used as the main material for the artworks.

Location: 1st Floor, Convention Hall, Bexco
Time/Date: 08:30 – 18:00 / 2022. 9. 19. - 9. 23.

Opening Night Reception (MON)

As this is the first time that IMDC is held outside of the US, MOF will organize a welcome dinner on the first day of the conference for speakers and attendees on behalf of the Republic of Korea.

Join us to celebrate the historic moment of the 7th International Marine Debris Conference and kick-start our 5 day journey in Busan. Appetizers and drinks will be provided.

Location: Grand Ball Room, 3rd Floor, Convention Hall, Bexco
Time/Date: 18:00 – 20:30 / 2022. 9. 19.

Maritime Photo & Art Gallery (MON-FRI)

Photos of marine animals and the ocean will be displayed in the conference hall corridors to promote awareness on marine debris-related issues. The Korea Ocean Foundation and the Embassy of Norway in the Republic of Korea will provide award-winning photos from contests they’ve held. All photographs are not only printed on eco-friendly banners which will be recycled as a bag after the conference, but also part of the payment spent on the banners will be used to create jobs for the vulnerable groups.

Location: 1st, 2nd and 3rd Floor, Convention Hall, Bexco
Time/Date: 08:30 – 18:00 / 2022. 9. 18. - 9. 23.

Coffee Breaks (MON-FRI)

Coffee and tea will be provided as refreshments during coffee breaks twice a day.

Location: 1st, 2nd Floor, Convention Hall, Bexco
Time/Date: Between Techinical sessions / 2022. 9. 18. - 9. 23.

Luncheons (TUE, WED, THU)

There will be several opportunities for participants to join luncheon networking meetings featuring informative presentations, interesting discussions and, most importantly, free meals.

There will be 8 luncheon participants can choose from, and each will be led by hosts which represent important stakeholders in tackling the marine debris issue such as public institutions, NGOs, universities, and corporations.

Location: 1st, 2nd Floor, Bexco
Time/Date: 12:00 – 13:30 / 2022. 9. 20. - 9. 22.

Poster Night (TUE)

Explore the diverse efforts that are underway to address marine debris by joining us at Poster Night. Check out over 160 posters that detail efforts related to the 7IMDC’s 9 thematic tracks. Light refreshments and drinks will be provided.

Location: 2nd Floor, 3rd floor, Bexco
Time/Date: 18:00 – 20:30 / 2022. 9. 20.

Busan Night (WED)

Busan Metropolitan City is offering a special dinner on a cruise ship (Panstar) to provide unforgettable memories to those who have come to the city for 7IMDC.

The Panstar cruise will depart from Busan Port Coastal Terminal and take participants on a fantastic 2-hour voyage. Passengers will be able to sightsee some of the most famous tourist attractions in Busan.

Time/Date: 18:00 – 20:00 / 2022. 9. 21.

Movie Night (THU)

After a full day of technical sessions, join us for a relaxing evening of short films. The Korea International Ocean Film Festival (KIOFF) has provided films on the topic of marine debris. Snacks and beverages will be provided.

Location: Grand Ball Room, 3rd Floor, Convention Hall, Bexco
Time/Date: 12:00 – 13:30 / 2022. 9. 20. - 9. 22.

Korean Adopt-a-Beach National Convention (THU)

The Adopt-a-Beach program kick-started in 2020 to enable more efficient coastal marine debris management through private sector engagement. As soon as a group of volunteers finds a match with a beach, they become fully responsible for taking care of the coast and are asked to carry out a clean-up activity on a regular basis.

Since 2020, 34 organizations have adopted 31 beaches and more and more people are joining the program.

This year, the Korean Adopt-a-Beach National Convention will be held in conjunction with 7IMDC to award organizations and share best practices.

-(This event will be conducted in Korean only)

Location: Summit hall, 2nd Floor, Convention Hall, Bexco
Time/Date: 14:00 – 17:00 / 2022. 9. 22.

Time Details
13:30 - 14:30 Welcome remarks from MOF and KOEM
14:30 – 15:00 Sharing international best practices of Adopt-A-Beach
15:00 – 16:40 Sharing domestic best practices of Adopt-A-Beach
16:40 ~ 17:00 Awarding Ceremony

International Coastal Clean-up Ceremony (FRI)

Every year in September, MOF (Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries of the Republic of Korea) and KOEM recognize local governments that excel in marine litter management and those who committed to protecting the marine environment from marine debris during the International Coastal Clean-up (ICC) Ceremony.

(The ceremony will be conducted in Korean only)

The ceremony will culminate with a clean-up activity which will take place at Gwangalli beach, with the support from the national ICC coordinator ‘Our Sea of East Asia Network (OSEAN)’. Equipments such as gloves and tongs will be provided to participants who volunteer to help remove trash from the beach.

1) Grand Ball Room, 3rd Floor, Convention Hall, Bexco,
2) Gwangalli beach (transportation provided)
Time/Date: 13:30 – 17:00 / 2022. 9. 23.

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